Teachers’ Newsletters


2 Year Old News – Mrs. Terranova

With warmer weather and days a little longer, we have jumped from March to April with excitement!

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5 Day 3 Year Old News

Well the winds of March have blown tons of fun our way! March began with our circus days! The children loved pretending they were daring and talented circus acts.

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3 Day 3 year Olds

March was a very busy month! We began by celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday – we loved reading all his wonderful stories!

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Pre-K News

The good news is that everyone did a fantastic job on their leprechaun traps!  The bad news is that we didn’t catch him, yet again!!

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Music and Movement News

During the month of March, we progressed our striking skills by using paddles and bats to hit a ball of a tee.

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Extended Care News

Extended Care was real creative last month when we explored the Masters of Art.

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