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Mrs. Del Grosso’s Three Year Olds

February Newsletter

Three, Four & Five Day Three Year Olds

Mrs. DelGrosso

The cold temperatures and snow in early January were the perfect backdrop for our units on snowflakes and polar animals. We had a “pancake day”, which was simply yummy and spent some time discovering how we use our five senses each day.  If was fun to learn about how maps show us where things are and how to get places. We even made maps of our bedrooms and our neighborhoods. While we celebrated sailing the high seas as pirates, we made pirate maps, flags and treasure chests full of gold coins and jewels! We had a real treasure chest in our classroom that we looted for treasures! Our literacy units include alphabet recognition, rhyming, reading books using picture clues and story time.  Our math units include number recognition, subitizing, one to one correlation, identifying geometric shapes (including 3D shapes), spatial relationships and oral counting. In science, we learned about polar animals, which animals use camouflage and snowflakes.  Our STEAM activities included measuring ball bounces, building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff and our pirate adventure with rocks, hidden treasures and skull masks! The children are encouraged, daily, to take part in activities that strengthen their scissor/cutting skills.

In early February, we will be “under construction” as we build our way through each morning. Then off to the Olympics to learn about Olympic sports, and how children play in countries around the world. Love will fill our mornings as we prepare for Valentine’s Day.  I look forward to meeting with you all again for our parent/teacher conferences.  Your children have been growing, exploring, sharing and learning and I am excited to share this with you!  Please stop by and sign up for a convenient conference time.

Happy Birthday to John Paul O’Connor and Robert Kurth who celebrated turning 4 years old this month!